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Yes it is so easy to do that you can also do it by yourself and make a business out of it.

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Alexandre Ntshielol

Alexandre Ntshielol is a native of the Democratic Republic of The congo, who migrated in the United States of America in 1998 to pursue what is considered the American Dream. During his Journey, he quickly realized that the rat race from one J.O.B (JUST OVER BROKE) to another, was not what he had envisioned when moving to the USA.

He quickly realized that all the fancy and shiny objects seen on TV weren’t his reality. As every other Immigrant Americans, he went through the proper channels and earned his US naturalization certificate under the OBAMA administration, which is just one of his many major accomplishments. Alexandre, has always found joy in Helping People.

NORMALLY $399.99

NOW $97​

He is a problem solver, so helping folks in addressing their credit issues came naturally. As a fairly successful credit consultant, he had helped over 25 clients raise their credit scores to over 750 FICO SCORE, and helped fund 5 of them. I know what you thinking, well that is not enough!!!! Slow down. By the time he wrote this E-BOOK “MAGIC BEHIND FINANCIAL LITERACY” A LA CARTE CREDIT REHAB, LLC (His credit improvement company) was just 4 months old.

A brand new business that showed to be of great Help for its current and old clients inspiring this DO IT YOURSELF CREDIT REPAIR E-BOOK. The intent of the book is to help our clients self-educate about Financial Literacy as it pretend to credit, how to turn credit into cash, how to turn liability into asset, and most importantly several tricks that will help them maintain their score just as high, even after our service; and most importantly for a fraction of the overall credit improvement price Tag, you get to do it yourself for $97.

So if you are a disciplined type person, and you have no problem following basic instructions on how to improve your credit score, this book is for you.



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